The King of All Snacks

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Meet The Snack King of SoCal

"Elmor's: Servicing 2000+ Locations in SoCal"

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Sell Like This!”

We’ve carried a few jerky brands and I have never seen anything sell like this before... it’s crazy`!  

Chris, Golden Hills Liquor

“It’s The Gold Mine That Never Stops Producing...“

Mission Liquor

“We Can Never Keep Enough In Stock”

Liquor Land

“Increased Foot Traffic by 37%!”

Vecco Liquor Stores

“I’m Adding More Shelf Space Now!”

Arco Yorba Linda

"Snack Lovers Rejoice: Wholesale Opportunities Available in Los Angeles"

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“My Competition Keeps Asking Where I’m Getting It”

Rancho Carwash

At First I Thought The Price Was Too High... Then I Saw How Fast The Money Rolled In!”

Mountain Market & Liquor

“Everyone Loves This Stuff!”

Fontana Truck Stop

“I’m Going to Buy A Boat!”

Bistro Liquor