Why Fresh Jerky Is So Good

When you're feeling the urge to eat a delicious savory treat, what do you typically turn to? For most, it ends up being beef jerky. According to the Beef Jerky Hub, in 2017, total profits from beef jerky were close to 1.5 billion dollars. With brands like alien fresh jerky out there, it's no wonder so many people love beef jerky. Here are some reasons why beef jerky is so delicious.


When it comes to beef jerky, there are many different choices. No matter what brand it is, you can typically find flavors like pepper and teriyaki available. These flavors are infused in the jerky, the flavors really coming out as the jerky dries. This results in a flavor explosion that people can't get enough of. This is the type of food where you can taste the hard work of the beef jerky distributor. A product like alien fresh jerky oozes with flavor that eaters can't get enough of.

A Healthy Alternative

When it comes to fast food snacks, it's easy to see why a snack food distributor makes money off of them. These snacks incorporate ingredients that aren't good for your body. People have gotten used to these unhealthy foods, making them an unhealthy habit. What sets jerky apart is that it's very simple and packed with protein. When you're looking to pick up a snack that won't leave you feeling bloated, jerky really does the trick. All it incorporates is seasoned meat and the drying process.

It's Different

Usually when someone thinks of snacks, they think of sweet things. There are more and more of these treats out there, but what do people gravitate towards when they're looking for something different? The answer is beef jerky. Brands like alien fresh jerky give people that alternative that they crave. A lot of the time, a simple change in flavor profile can lead to you enjoying something that much more. With how popular beef jerky has become, more snack food distribution companies should look to have this in their stock.

So the next time you're looking for a snack from a snack distributor, make a different choice. Change is good, and if you've never had beef jerky before, give your taste buds a shock. If you own a store and you're looking to change up your product, reach out to us today!