Sweet and Spicy Survival Pack

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25 Bags of Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky.

Sweet and Spicy. Also known as Smooth and lovely. This flavor begins its private concert of flavor with a rebellious garlic drenched power ballad, and then finishes with a sweet love song.

Incredibly difficult to keep in stock, this flavor has been a favorite now for more than a decade, and for good reason: When you want to sit back and enjoy the classic Alien Fresh Jerky taste, to make all of the trials and tribulations of life melt away like butter on freshly seared steak, nothing does the trick like our classic sweet and spicy jerky.

Better yet, it’s now been upgraded with our Tri-Tip cut. Thick, satisfying cuts of juicy Tri-Tip suck up every last drop of flavor and deliver it like cruise missiles of satisfaction each and every time you crack open a bag.

Perfect for your quarantine stockpile of food and necessities. Includes one box of 25 bags.