Peppered Beef Half Survival Pack

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12 Bags of Peppered Beef Jerky.

The legendary, smokey, savory, ambrosial treasure--that is almost too good to be served in a bag: Peppered Jerky. It’s an American classic that almost never was. I’ll explain: At heart of our signature Peppered jerky is masterful balance and use of Worcestershire sauce. Which was invented in 1837, by John Lea and William Perrins.  When they first sampled it, they quickly concluded it’s taste resembled the tail end of a swine 4 hours after morning feed.

This revolting discovery, led to them to discard the remaining concoction into some spare barrels. Which were then promptly forgotten about. Months later, these barrels were rediscovered. Apparently, like any sane human being in the 1830’s, upon discovering their mystery barrels they decided there was only one thing to do: crack those bad boys open and give ‘em a taste! Once they did just that, they made a startling discovery. After a few months in the good ole’ barrel this sauce was pretty amazing. 

And without those crazy individual's, taste testing mystery barrels in the 1930s... the world and us, would have never been given Worcestershire sauce. Without it, we never would have been able to imbue our peppered jerky with a taste so delicious, so addictive, so complete that it’s flavor envelopes your tongue in a savory embrace..with each and every bite.

The key to the classic peppered taste. Smokey, sweet, peppery goodness that is relentlessly drilled into the meat during a special marinade process, that is like a drill with a bit made of pure smokey sweet flavor into your taste buds. As it that weren’t good enough this legendary cut has not been finished in our  melt in your mouth Tri-Tip cut. Tri-Tip is one of my favorite cuts because it just soaks of flavor like a hoover vacuum cleaner while remaining so tender that you’ll feel like you should eat this jerky with a fork and knife.

Producing this jerky does require a lot of specialize effort, so it does have a limited run compared to our standard top round cut.  If it’s in stock, make sure you grab a bag, because we routinely run out each month.

Perfect for your quarantine stockpile of food and necessities. Includes one box of 12 bags.