Mangito dip

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Chomis Gomis Chamoy Mix is a unique blend of spices, chilies, and homemade chamoy that will leave your taste buds begging for more. The mouthwatering experience offers a distinct and delicious combination of sweet and sour flavors. If you loved our Chomis Gomis chamoy gummies, then you'll love adding a little bit of spice to your favorite drinks with our premium chamoy rim dip. Perfect for use in micheladas, beer, margaritas, mixed drinks, aguas frescas, and even as a dip for your favorite fruits or snacks. Everything tastes better with chamoy. Each watermelon rim dip is packed with different flavors and sensations, starting off with a tangy sourness and followed by a bold burst of chili spice, all balanced by the sweetness of summer watermelons.

Each dip comes in a resealable container, making it easy to take the party with you wherever you go. Our chamoy mix is handmade in small batches in the USA, ensuring consistency, great taste, and high quality. For best results, do not refrigerate and keep it soft enough to easily go on the rim of your drinks and dips.

Premium Chamoy Rim Dip: Dip packed with salty, sweet, and sour flavors that are spiced with our homemade chamoy mix. Handmade in Small Batches: We make our rim dips in small batches to ensure great taste, quality and consistency in every batch. Resealable 8oz Containers: Take the party with you on the go. Easily open the container and dip your drinks and snacks to start the party anywhere. High Quality Ingredients: We use only the best ingredients in our products to maintain high quality chamoy mix with powerful flavors. Proudly Made in the USA: Each batch is proudly manufactured in the USA, supporting hardworking Americans with every purchase.