Lemon Pepper Survival Pack

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25 Bags of Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

Our Lemon Pepper Jerky is the classic dance we all know and love, but with a zesty twist. From the first bite you are greeted with a splash of refreshing lemon that takes you back to that old corner lemonade stand from your childhood. So simple, yet so refreshing, the sweet but sour wave of flavor is then followed by a pimp slap of black pepper, which is then followed by garlic filled encore.

This multi tiered and perfectly organized flavor, is the perfect soiree in your mouth. This party is perfectly framed within our new Tri-Tip cut. This cut practically melts in your mouth, coating every inch of your tongue with zesty peppery goodness with each and every bite.

Perfect for your quarantine stockpile of food and necessities. Includes one box of 25 bags.