Honey Teriyaki Half Survival Pack

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12 Bags of Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

This is the essence of what jerky should be. Each lovely strip of Tri-Tip is just a stockpile of explosive flavor. It has the refined artisanal taste, alien fresh jerky has become known for.

Honey Teriyaki starts with a sharp sweet overtone, that gives way to wave after wave of that signature savory teriyaki finish that sings a sweet love song to your palate with every bite. That is the reason why it has such a massive following in our store, and usually one of the first things our lovely customers grab when they enter.

Now that this incredibly popular recipe has been paired with our mouthwatering Tri-Tip, its addictive taste has been dramatically upgraded… in fact it has been taken to a completely new level. Each tender Tri-Tip strip is filled to the brim with flavor and is so soft, you’ll find yourself plowing through an entire bag with a bit of muscle fatigue. 

There’s truly nothing like it. Remember, our Tri-Tip cut is a limited run item. We only make a very small batch each month. Why? Simply because of the amount of time and skill that goes into cooking this jerky which only allows us to create a small batch each month. So if we have this in stock do yourself a favor and grab a bag before they're gone.

Perfect for your quarantine stockpile of food and necessities. Includes one box of 12 bags.