Abducted Cow Pineapple Teriyaki Survival Pack

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25 Bags of Pineapple Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

Quick Fact: Teriyaki was first made by Japanese cooks in the seventeenth century…which means it took 400 years of ruthless refinement for us to arrive here… at this incredibly addictive Japanese teriyaki flavor.

A duet between the high energy tempo of its sweet tones and the soothing melody of its savory pitch. For Centuries, this was enough, but now, this incredible mix has been taken to another level by creating a new dynamic within this classic song: a shockwave of sweet Hawaiian flavor.

This new element replaces the simple sugar usually used in Teriyaki recipes with a new tongue tickling climax that is making this flavor a rising star in our lineup… and if that wasn’t enough, now it’s been finished in our new thick and juicy Tri-tip cut. This mouthwatering cut is like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner sucking every last bit of flavor this one of kind recipe has to offer and delivering it via flavor packed chunky planks of tri-tip steak.

You might want to keep this purchase to yourself, because after you crack open this bag and get whiff of that delicious teriyaki, you won’t feel like sharing your tropical treasure. Enjoy!   

Perfect for your quarantine stockpile of food and necessities. Includes one box of 25 bags.